Today MHC counts independent stores and/or shop in shops in Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut,around 10 in Russia including 4 only in Moscow, Ningbo, Beijing, Nanjing, Minsk, Benghazi, Jakarta,Bangkok and other countries.
In MHC Concept Stores you can walk perfectly fitted out living areas and choose what best reflects who you are. MHC offers a range of unique services to its exclusive distributors and retailers, thanks to its design studio M INTERIORS.
Display layout, including decorations suggestions with sketch ups or 3D renderings when customers request them, giving a real definition of how MHC space will look like.
We provide to our licensees full access to selling materials including 3D models of the whole collection ready to be used for final customers requests.


Below you can watch the video of one of our most representative stores in the world, located in the famous design district in Moscow called Artplay.